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Have you been arrested for DUI in Georgia ? Call An Experienced Lawyer Now!

Raymond B Lail is an experienced lawyer since 1994 Mr. Lail has been defending DUI charges, He knows how to handle very difficult DUI cases.
Mr Lail understands the complexity and details of DUI law and he knows how to look at each case individually to build a good defense. Mr Lail has defended many people facing complicated DUI charges and He can do the same for you.
It is also helpful for you to understand the DUI laws in Georgia. You can educate yourself by learning this:
* What are my rights if arrested for DUI?
* What are the police allowed to do durzing a stop?
* Field sobriety tests (FST)
* What are the punishments for DUI?
* The Ten Day Rule for License suspension

Your chances for an acquittal are not hopeless if your Lawyer has strong defense experience challenging your charges. Mr Lail has the skills to investigate every single aspect of your stop and arrest and will work very hard to find the best legal options available for your defense.

Serving a wide range of clients, Raymond B. Lail will do whatever it takes to make sure that the best resolution for your DUI case is attained. Call today to schedule a FREE appointment with attorney Raymond B. Lail and get started with your DUI case today!

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